Around Jacob Van Eyck’ (2011)

  • ©Ardalus_VE_vierkantMusicians:
  • Sarah Abrams (soprano)
  • Jan Devlieger (Virginal, recorders and percussion)
  • Nathalie Franssen (Lute, theorbo and recorders)
  • Karen Ketels (Direction and Recorders)
  • Rebecca Lefèvre (Viola da gamba)
  • Stefaan Smagghe (Violin)
  • Music: Van Eyck, Caccini, Uccellini, Dowland, Haffner, Gastoldi, Anonymus
  • Recording company: Phaedra (BE)



A Due’ (2009)

  • ©Ardalus_ADue_vierkantMusicians: 
  • Karen Ketels (recorders)
  • Jan Devlieger (harpsichord and recorder)
  • Music:  Corelli, Bach, Van Eyck, Croft, anonymus


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